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This is organized by fandom, and then by pairing and is super long. Everything is ready for remixes!

  • fic, kageyama & kunimi & kindaichi: the three kitaiichi kids are all brothers
  • meta, kageyama & kunimi & kindaichi: the aftermath of dropped tosses
  • fic, kageyama & kunimi & kindaichi: "Since we're all going to die, it's obvious that when and how don't matter.”
  • song, tsukkihina: "Got Hops" from Hamilton
  • fic, hinata & the little giant: they meet for the first time after a bitter defeat
  • fic, kagehina: "No longer trapped in a world they never made, one of your favourite pairs finds their way off the screen and into reality! The first thing they do is look up the series creator. How does that go?"
  • meta, kagehina: price compare three of your favorite sports anime pairings
  • poem/meta, kagehina: write a ship manifesto in unrhymed iambic pentameter
  • fic, kagehina: "Kageyama, a prince from the Kamakura Period accidentally time travels to present-day Tokyo in an attempt to stop the death of his friend and vassal. He meets a boy named Hinata Shouyou who has an uncanny resemblance to his deceased loved one."
  • fic, kagehina: "Sometimes you meet someone, and it’s so clear that the two of you, on some level belong together."
  • poem, kagehina: "god of death kageyama takes god of life hinata to the underworld"
  • fic, kagehina: kageyama is a ghost who can't move on until he tries all the milk in the world
  • fic, kagehina: childhood friends, "attempting bicycle"
  • song, kagehina: "Crazy in Sets" by Beyoncé
  • song, kagehina: "Queen of the Court Aria" from The Magic Flute
  • song, kagehina: "Decoy" by Lorde
  • poem, kagehina: "I am larger, better than I thought; / I did not know I held so much goodness."
  • art, kagesuga: "Kageyama has been cursed by The Grand King and turned into a crow. He seeks the aid of Suga, a local mystic/healer, to help turn him back."
  • meta, kagesuga: "Find an item on eBay that one half of your OTP would buy as an ironic present but the other half honestly adores."
  • poem, tsukkikage: Kageyama in the middle of nowhere with the broken down car.
  • poem, oikage: the eighth circle of hell is for fraud
  • cosplay/poem, oikage: pavane for a dead princess
  • song, oikage: "Karasuno" by Miley Cyrus
  • meta, oikage: price compare three of your favorite sports anime pairings
  • meta, oikage: Each time that we give a little bit, it comes back to haunt us.
  • meta, oikage: Epistrophe is the repetition of the same word or words at the end of successive phrases, clauses or sentences.
  • song, ushioi: "I See Your Spike" from Tangled
  • song, ushioi: "If You Were On My Team" from Sleeping Beauty
  • song, iwaoi: "Just A Game" by Marina and the Diamonds
  • poem, tsukkiyama: ain't no river wide enough to keep me from you
  • fic, yamayachi: good luck kisses
  • fic, yachi & the first-years: Yachi with the pie in the all-night diner the night before graduation.
  • art, kiyoyachi: "Managed" a famous Broadway Musical
  • poem, kiyoyachi: Kiyoko the Faerie Queene
  • fic, asahi/daichi: I've got a hunger twisting my stomach into knots
  • fic, ukai/takeda: takeda is the little giant AU

  • poem, matsuoka family: "The Matsuoka house is haunted."
  • poem, makoharu: "makoto mans his family's bakery that doubles as a magic shop in a seaside tourist town. haru is the stranger that wanders in, searching for a spell to break a curse."
  • poem, makoharu: Pearl diver, dive down
  • poem, makoharu: Haru on the broken roads back to Iwatobi with a bloody baseball bat.
  • art, makoharu: if I were a bird, I'd sing out your name
  • song, soumako: "You Don't Swim Anymore" by Charlie Puth
  • fic, sourin: Thank you for being my hope.
  • fic, sourin: Sometimes we trade one pain for another.
  • FST, sourin: Sousuke in his room with the photo of him and Rin.
  • song, rinharu: "S.W.I.M." a classic jazz standard
  • fic, rinharu: Rin goes to the ocean
  • poem, rinharu: You're the fire and the flood.
  • poem, rinharu: Rin drowns.
  • poem, rinharu: Rin in the ocean with rocks in his pockets.
  • poem, souharu: Sousuke on the beach with Haru's sketchbook.
  • meta, souharu: price compare three of your favorite sports anime pairings
  • fic, momotarou/nagisa: Momo in the forest with the bow and arrow.

  • poem, chihaya/oe: "in which Oe can embroider stories' imagery onto fabric by telling them, and Chihaya's hearing really IS supernaturally good and listens to Oe's storytelling often, from afar."
  • poem, chihaya/oe: chihaya runs like the wind is chasing her
  • poem, chihaya/oe: chihaya and oe kiss in an art museum
  • poem, chihaya/arata: chihaya practices to bridge the gap between two worlds

  • fic, honoka/umi/kotori: what if kotori had gone to her dream school?
  • song, ensemble: "Snow Halation" by Rick Astley
  • poem, nico/everyone: nico was an outlier adn should not have been counted
  • FST, kanaan/dia: Dia on the old fishing boat with a flashlight.

  • fic, abemiha: "A routine patrol led by Abe Takaya discovers an abandoned ship amongst the space debris. The only survivor is a glitch-ing android, designation M1-H45H1."
  • poem, abemiha: abe tries his best to propose
  • poem, abemiha: "In Mandarin the word ren / meaning endure, is written / knife over heart."
  • poem, abemiha: Mihashi in someone else's dreams with the broken compass.

    YURI!!! ON ICE
  • fic, viktuuri: viktor is a spy taken in by the charm of yuuri
  • fic, viktuuri: just to be the man who'd walk 1000 miles to fall down at your door

  • meta, describe a sports anime that you've never seen
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    HELLO! I am Robin, and this year I'm a SASO second-year throwing down in the battle of kings for Team Oikage. We are super chill this year, and so am I. Super chill.

    You can find me at the following places:
    Tumblr: spirographeme
    Twitter: spirographeme
    AO3: horchata

    Bait me with this stuff!
    I love remixes and give you permission & details here!

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    [BR1] HQ!!: filk (written), tsukkihina Hamilton
    [BR1] HQ!!: art, cursed crow Tobio
    [BR1] HQ!!: a silly kagehina ghost story
    [BR1] HQ!!: ukai/takeda, little giant AU
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    So!! Wanna bait me for SASO? Here's stuff I am interested in:

    Here's a list of the things I really like writing:
    poetry, especially w/formal structures and meter; meta!; angst that comes from internal conflict; sadness from the outside; magical realism; magic in general; stories about people drowning or almost-drowning (hello the Matusoka curse); Heel Face Turns; unconventional soulmate stuff, I love that; forced empathy/mind-meld situations; mundane things that let us in on a character; places that are secretly characters; mythology from anywhere; people being good to each other and earnest and wonderful; kindhearted wonderful people and the angry people who love them and soften in their presence; small moments; f/f ships, especially genderbends, especially EVERYONE as a girl; AUs that revolve around changes in universe

    Here are things I probably won't write:
    gratuitous violence; racism; the usual supernatural offenders (werewolves, vampires, zombies, apocalypses); probably like 95% of all content that has to be tagged, including most nsfw prompts; fucky situations; pacific rim AUs; harem or slave shit; probably stuff where I have to imagine another character physically hurting/abusing another character

    Other Kinds of Fills I'll Do:
    I am up to
    1. write and sing songs, or do filk
    2. bake shit, if appropriate
    3. take pictures of my guinea pig looking cute
    4. attempt to digitally paint things, especially if I can paint environments or animals for the fill
    5. watercolor things, especially environments and animals
    6. compile fanmixesssss I love doing that
    7. voice posts????

    I also wrote these dear author letters for exchanges in the past. And here is a link to my AO3.

    SASO-related: Free!, Haikyuu!!, Oofuri, Love Live!, Love Live! Sunshine, Yurii!!! On Ice, Chihayafuru

    Non-SASO Anime: BHNA, HunterXHunter, Howl's Moving Castle, Spirited Away, Paprika, My Neighbor Totoro, Sailor Moon, Digimon, Pokémon (but the 4Kids dub days only, y'all), Princess Tutu,Colorful, Madoka, Mob Psycho 100, One Piece, Fullmetal Alchemist (the original one), ERASED, Princess Mononoke, Sound! Euphonium, Cardcaptors, Evangelion, Beyond the Boundary

    Notable Non-Anime Universes I like: Harry Potter, The Social Network, Hunger Games, Animorphs, Everworld, Steven Universe, Avatar: the Last Airbender

    HQ!!: If the pairing has Kageyama or Hinata in it, I'm probably there with bells on. I ship the first year Karasuno kids with each other in basically all the possible permutations, including tsukkihina, Yams/Kags... yep. I love iwakage and oikage (but especially iwakage, man). I am hella into talking about Kageyama for any reason whatsoever. I like explaining things. I'm not really into the other teams, to be honest! Karasuno is my main drag. I am fascinated with the idea of all else being equal except Oikawa is a girl. I'm intrigued by middle school stuff and its influence on our characters. Bait me by prompting Kageyama-is-Shigeo's-cousin-and-uses-psychic-powers-to-control-the-ball MP100 AU.

    Oofuri: I love Mihashi and want him to be loved. I love thinking about Coach Momo, who is my favorite character in all of Oofuri. I would probably write something about Sakaeguchi and his family, and Coach Momo stuff before I write something with the whole team. I like abemiha and Mihashi/Tajima; you could probably bait me easily with angst about Abe and Haruna, so long as I got to talk about how that damaged Abe, man. I love talking about these poor kids and their trauma.

    Free!: Haru/Sousuke is the easiest way to get me! I love writing angst, lmao. I like the silly side of this fandom, too. I also love Haru/Rin, the Matusoka curse, the Iwatobi kids, Gou/Kou; I would absolutely attempt to do Sousuke/Pyunsuke, man. I'm here for it. Future Fish universe stuff works for me, but tbh not the mook stuff; OLYMPICS STUFF, gosh. I think Haru and Rin are bi and tbh would actively write Haru/Kou, okay? also EVERYONE AS LADIES, holy shit. Haru/water sex is amazing.

    Yuri!!! On Ice: Yuuri angst is the fastest way to my heart; I absolutely could cosplay Minako, and would; I wanna write about Yuko and Takeshi and Yuuri as kids and teenagers; I wanna write about Yuuri growing up in figure skating; I love Phichit/Yuuri, especially in Detroit; I love thinking about Viktor hating himself.

    Love Live!: Please prompt me with supernatural shit for this fandom! Please prompt me to do stories about the N-card kids. I love Umi, who is my favorite, and Rin! I love Honks, what a good kid. I feel like I have a surprising amount to say about Kotori, and I don't know where to start, so if you like her, prompt me some gen for her following her dreams to leave Love Live and fucking do what she wants to do??? Please bait me with Umi/Oe from Chihayafuru.

    Love Live Sunshine: Matsuura Kanan, Mari Ohara, and Hanamaru Kunikida are my girls. Please prompt me for them!

    Chihayafuru: jfk, like, all of the femslash for this fandom; all of the childhood angst and longing for each other; all of the poetry; all of Oe desperately being super gay and super into fashion; all of the supernatural AUs

    I think this is it!!
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    To be filled in by January 13th!

    There is nothing under this cut yet.
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    HELLO! I am Robin, and I am batting for Team Chihayafuru. This is my first SASO! I'm trying to come across as more of a Tajima than a Mihashi. I'm happy to meet you!

    You can find me at the following places:
    Tumblr: spirographeme
    Twitter: spirographeme
    AO3: horchata

    Remixes Welcome!!

    [BR1] HQ: Kags and Hinata v. the Little Giant
    [BR1] Free!: Rinharu superglued together
    [BR1] HQ: Oikawa realizes Kageyama is a genius, in sonnets
    [BR1] HQ: Kageyama, Kunimi and Kindaichi at Kitagawa Daiichi
    [BR2] HQ: Oikawa and Kageyama are tied in a sonnet
    [BR2] Free!: Reigisa fanmix, "Please Get Me A Towel"
    [BR2] Oofuri: Abemiha fanmix, "Let Me Help You"
    [BR2] Free: Rinharu fanmix, "Remembering Rainbows"
    [BR2] HQ: Kagehina, Hinata watches Kageyama watching
    [BR3] HQ: Kagehina, Kageyama sends Hinata his Olympic medal
    [BR3] Free!: Art, Sousuke sends Haru art supplies, Haru sends him a fish
    [BR3] HQ: Oisuga fanmix, Oikawa is a DJ trying to cheer Suga up
    [BR3] HQ: Art, an old picture of Iwaizumi and Oikawa as kids
    [BR3] HQ: Oikage poem, Kageyama is injured and Oikawa is horrible
    [BR4] HQ: Art, Iwaoi, "you made flowers grow in my lungs. and although they are beautiful, i can't breathe."
    [BR4] HQ: Ushihina poem, "Life's not about the breaths you take, but the moments that take your breath away."
    [BR5] Free!: Rinharu, Haru strikes a deal for the Matsuoka family curse
    [BR5] HQ: Kagehina poem, Kageyama's family is susceptible to hanakahi disease
    [BR5] LL!: Orpheus and Eurydice myth, Honoka goes to the underworld to save Kotori
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    Hello, fanperson!!

    Thank you very much for taking the time to check out this letter of mine for things! I have a nice long letter of my favorite stuff right here for you to check out, if you want! All of those are current loves of mine, and everything applies. The rest of this post is mostly just specifics to Rare Pair Fest 2k16.

    Of the pairings I selected, my favorite is Kageyama/Iwaizumi. Oh my gosh. I just. I would love to explore how Iwaizumi navigates loving Kageyama and Oikawa in different ways, and what it's like to love Kageyama romantically and to be so close to and loyal to Oikawa, knowing that Kageyama and Oikawa Do Not Get Along. Or to be middle school Kageyama and look up to Oikawa so much as a player, but find that your feelings for Iwaizumi-senpai are just as intense but so different. Or to have them find their feelings long after high school is over. I would also love just reading about Kageyama and Iwaizumi being happy, or overcoming obstacles, or anything. I love their relationship.

    I do like me some Oikawa/Kageyama, but I can't do fucked up with this pairing, because it's already pretty fucked up as it is. If you go Kags/Oikawa with this fill, please don't take it somewhere really dark. Kuroo/Oikawa is appealing to me because of just how smart Kuroo is combined with his huge playful side, which sounds a lot like Oikawa with a better personality, and I feel like he and Oikawa would both annoy and enjoy each other a lot.

    Harry Potter
    My favorite of those is definitely Neville/Luna/Harry. Oh my gosh, what if!! What if Harry just runs off with these two and absolves himself from the bullshit that is Being Harry Potter? What if he asks to follow Luna on her big journey for all those magical creatures, and only finds out on the day of that Neville is coming along, too? What if years and years after the war they meet up again? Anything.

    If you choose to write Harry/the Wealsey twins, can you please set it in either a happy alternate universe where we have both twins alive, or, if you want to go with canon, in the era of Hogwarts where the twins are both with us?

    God, I miss this show. My favorite season in terms of lightheartedness and music and characterization is the first season, mostly! I love all the pairings I put down and would happily read any delightful, lighthearted fic about any of them, doing legit just about anything.

    Jessica Jones
    Jessica and Trish love each other and deserve to be happy. I'd love to see them clawing their way back to normalcy or sanity after the events of the show, or something from when Trish was still trying to get out of her mother's thumb, or whatever you have in mind. I'm not familiar with the comics, just the Netflix show, but please don't let that limit you!

    Steven Universe
    Shit, my ninja pairing, Pearl/Connie! Holy crap. If anything beyond Connie having a massive crush on Pearl is going to happen, or if Pearl is going to be the One With The Huge Crush, please age Connie up. I also really like everyone in the cast, and I don't think Connie or Pearl would stop being so close with Garnet and Steven and, for Connie, being close with her parents.

    Thank you, again! If you have any questions, I think you can response anonymously here. I'm happy to answer anything you need. I'm so excited to read what you write!! I'm sure anything is going to be wonderful.
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    kags/oikawa - Peter Pan https://sportsanime.dreamwidth.org/13489.html?thread=4734385#cmt4734385
    haruna & abe - "remember when I thought we could do this?" https://sportsanime.dreamwidth.org/13489.html?thread=4005041#cmt4005041
    abemiha - falling asleep on the floor https://sportsanime.dreamwidth.org/13489.html?thread=4020657#cmt4020657
    tajima/hanai - hanai blushes when praised https://sportsanime.dreamwidth.org/13489.html?thread=3722161#cmt3722161
    kags, kunimi, kindaichi - what would it have been like to be friends? https://sportsanime.dreamwidth.org/13489.html?thread=3808177#cmt3808177
    takeda/ukai - pretend dating https://sportsanime.dreamwidth.org/13489.html?replyto=3606193
    honks and yachi in volleyball https://sportsanime.dreamwidth.org/13489.html?thread=3663793#cmt3663793
    iwaizumi and oikawa adopt a puppy https://sportsanime.dreamwidth.org/13489.html?thread=3557809#cmt3557809
    oikawa realizes kags is a genius https://sportsanime.dreamwidth.org/13489.html?thread=3561137#cmt3561137
    iwaizumi betrays the grand king https://sportsanime.dreamwidth.org/13489.html?thread=3548337#cmt3548337
    yams is friendly to kags and kags catches a crush INSTANTLY https://sportsanime.dreamwidth.org/13489.html?thread=4319153#cmt4319153
    kuroo & oikawa work at a haunted house together https://sportsanime.dreamwidth.org/13489.html?thread=4227761#cmt4227761
    pink alien loves rin https://sportsanime.dreamwidth.org/13489.html?thread=4191665#cmt4191665
    rinharu new years https://sportsanime.dreamwidth.org/13489.html?thread=4073905#cmt4073905
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    Hello, author/fanartist!

    I feel like I should link you to the stuff I've liked before, and the things I like now! Please feel free to stalk me at the following:

    Tumblr/Twitter: @spirographeme
    AO3 bookmarks: http://archiveofourown.org/users/horchata/bookmarks

    Mostly, I like people being good to each other and earnest and wonderful. I love it. I love kindhearted wonderful people and the angry people who love them and soften in their presence, too. I would much rather see real connections being made between the characters than just something porntastic. Porn for the sake of titillation doesn't do it for me. Not everything has to have a happy ending, but I do like it when suffering is comforted. I like it when characters are human and understand when they make mistakes.

    I dislike gratuitous violence, homophobia, racism, historical AUs, kidfics, the usual supernatural offenders (werewolves, vampires, zombies, apocalypses), pontificating on one's beloved, cumbersome string-pulling and handwaving to get X to Y.

    I like people basking in sunlight, playing with light and color, textures, noises. I like it when a character's tone of voice colors a narrative in a distinctive way. I like finding significance in small moments. I love magical realism, Heel Face Turns, characters letting each other in on their secret passions, intellectuals, feminists (and other liberal-leaning topics), recurring themes and motifs that spiral through the story, and characters being brave. I like when objects acquire meaning. I like places that are secretly characters.

    But most of all, I really love when an author does something they like and that they're good at, because it totally shows in the writing. That's pretty much all I could want.

    Hinata/Kageyama: My OTP. I just. I love them??? I love them. I'm not sure what more to say? They're like. My favorite. My favorite thing to think about is them realizing how significant they are to each other, and then processing how important their relationship is and how that might change how they interact.

    Tsukishima/Yamaguchi: I really like this pairing so long as Tsukki catches a clue about how to be kind to Yamaguchi and how it's important to treat him well? As a friend, as a lover, as a teammate. Like, a million fix-it fics for Tsukki's horrible personality, haha. A million fix-it fics about Yamaguchi getting the confidence and assertiveness he deserves!

    Hina & Kags & Tsukki & Yachi & Yams: I love them all as friends, as competitors taking bets, as a big poly conglomerate, as everything. I'm so interested in seeing how they interact with one another outside of volleyball. How would they be friends elsewhere in their lives?

    Iwaizumi/Oikawa: Fuck, man. This ship breaks me. I love Iwaoi angst. This is like, Ron in Diviniation: You're gonna suffer, but you're gonna be happy about it. That is. My Iwaoi jam right there. I love happy endings, but I Also Understand. My favorite Iwaoi fics aren't so much the ones where it's like "Crap! Have I loved this asshole all along?" and more like "Crap. How I've loved this asshole all along."
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    This is all the stuff I'm keeping track of for SWAG while it's in session:

    Round Robin
    Umi/Kanada: http://sportsanime.dreamwidth.org/9982.html?thread=2871294#cmt2871294
    Eli & Nozomi tennin tags: http://sportsanime.dreamwidth.org/9982.html?thread=2873854#cmt2873854

    Prompts that intrigued me
    Umi/Eli wilderness guide: https://referees.dreamwidth.org/3776.html?thread=323776#cmt323776
    Maki + Hanayo legal images search: https://referees.dreamwidth.org/3776.html?thread=323520#cmt323520
    Eli, post-breakup: https://referees.dreamwidth.org/3776.html?thread=11968#cmt11968
    haru/sousuke prompts: blackfish one, cold one
    rinharu flower prompt: https://referees.dreamwidth.org/3776.html?thread=271808#cmt271808
    Australia Rin: https://referees.dreamwidth.org/3776.html?thread=279488#cmt279488
    sousuke/makoto potential prompt (AMAZING): https://referees.dreamwidth.org/3776.html?thread=156352#cmt156352
    honks & maki: https://referees.dreamwidth.org/3776.html?thread=148160#cmt148160
    i don't even go here gou/somebody muscles: https://referees.dreamwidth.org/3776.html?thread=142528#cmt142528
    haru/water: https://referees.dreamwidth.org/3776.html?thread=87488#cmt87488
    cat rin: https://referees.dreamwidth.org/3776.html?thread=72640#cmt72640
    STRIP KARUTA: https://referees.dreamwidth.org/3776.html?thread=388800#cmt388800
    a good rejection rin/sousuke: https://referees.dreamwidth.org/3776.html?thread=389568#cmt389568
    merppl don't cry makoharu: https://referees.dreamwidth.org/3776.html?thread=400576#cmt400576
    love live karuta: https://referees.dreamwidth.org/3776.html?thread=405696#cmt405696
    kanade teaches chihaya how to hakama: https://referees.dreamwidth.org/3776.html?thread=393664#cmt393664
    rei + kou/aki AMAZINGNESS: https://referees.dreamwidth.org/3776.html?thread=352704#cmt352704
    baseball μ's: https://referees.dreamwidth.org/3776.html?thread=342720#cmt342720
    CAKE BY THE OCEAN: https://referees.dreamwidth.org/3776.html?thread=339904#cmt339904
    I don't even go here but Haru is a twin who switches places: https://referees.dreamwidth.org/3776.html?thread=325056#cmt325056
    LL first years find homes for cats: https://referees.dreamwidth.org/3776.html?thread=316096#cmt316096
    rinharu as girls holy shit this prompt FUCK: https://referees.dreamwidth.org/3776.html?thread=306880#cmt306880
    haru's a girl prompt: https://referees.dreamwidth.org/3776.html?thread=293312#cmt293312
    Chihayafuru, Shinobu/Chihaya and Taichi/Arata: https://referees.dreamwidth.org/3776.html?thread=294080#cmt294080
    honks umi and kotori go through old photos: https://referees.dreamwidth.org/3776.html?thread=299200#cmt299200
    SHRINE YOUKAI AHHHHH NOZO/ELI: https://referees.dreamwidth.org/3776.html?thread=285888#cmt285888
    Nozomi's a witch! scared of nuttin: https://referees.dreamwidth.org/3776.html?thread=291264#cmt291264
    REI FALLS ASLEEP IN CLASS: https://referees.dreamwidth.org/3776.html?thread=292544#cmt292544
    ELIZABETH BISHOP CHIHAYAFURU OT3 PROMPT HOLY SHIT MY FAVE: https://referees.dreamwidth.org/3776.html?thread=292800#cmt292800
    SOU/MAKO TEACHER AU: https://referees.dreamwidth.org/3776.html?thread=278464#cmt278464
    someone else cuts rin's hair: https://referees.dreamwidth.org/3776.html?thread=281536#cmt281536
    rin/rei english prompt: https://referees.dreamwidth.org/3776.html?thread=282304#cmt282304
    weather goddess honks: https://referees.dreamwidth.org/3776.html?thread=123072#cmt123072
    the holy shit this deserves something special rinharu prompt: https://referees.dreamwidth.org/3776.html?thread=84928#cmt84928
    bake-off with love live and another fandom BUT ALSO UH HARU: https://referees.dreamwidth.org/3776.html?thread=81088#cmt81088

    From the old memes
    haru/rin sleepover with grandma nanase: http://iwatobiswimclub.dreamwidth.org/1476.html?thread=871876#cmt871876
    rin/haru 5 kisses: http://iwatobiswimclub.dreamwidth.org/893.html?thread=169597#cmt169597
    rin never left au: http://iwatobiswimclub.dreamwidth.org/893.html?thread=132221
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    fear is the weight we carry
    from the cradle straight to our graves
    and love is the treasure we bury
    pain alternates with pleasure in beautiful waves

    and you've been watching me
    you say I am made of some strange magnetic power
    but don't be drawn to me
    i may be here today
    but soon black moss will cover over my dead body
    over my dead body
    over my dead body

    you've been a lot of places
    left me forgotten by your side
    and maybe the feeling's baseless
    but something still stirs in me when I look in your eyes

    'cause you've been kind to me
    I never quite believed you when you said it's over
    well, what is wrong with me?
    I trusted you
    you watched me open like a flower
    over my dead body
    over my dead body
    over my dead body
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    Hi! Anyone still around on this thing?

    The Ponds!

    Apr. 18th, 2011 03:51 pm
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    Here are my Pond story ideas:

    Through here! )

    Hooray for the Ponds! We love the Ponds.
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    Thanks, [personal profile] musesfool:

    Name a fandom that I am familiar with and I will tell you:

    My M/F OTP:
    My M/M OTP:
    My F/F OTP:
    My endgame OTP:
    My original OTP:
    My crack OTP:
    My guilty pleasure OTP:
    My anti-OTP:

    definitions of terms:
    OTP = pairing I like best
    endgame = pairing I would like to see together at the end of the story
    original = pairing I shipped when I first became involved with the source
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    I read this quote on Tumblr -- Jesse wouldn't live in LA if you killed him and buried him there (davyjonessays, here) -- and now I want to write me an epic TSN Big Bang-length, As I Lay Dying-echoed novel about Andrew trying to honor Jesse's last wish for his ashes to be scattered somehow in NYC. OH MY GOD. I have not been bit by a fic bug like this since my last Big Bang-length Harry Potter fic (still unfinished) about Hermione and Luna tracking the activities of magical creatures during a period of intense solar flares in Australia. Yes.

    Holy crap, but I want help to finish this one. Do I have any Yoknapatawpha nuts on my friendslist? Is there anyone who would help me construct or beta an Andrew-POV fic about moving Jesse's body to New York. I just. Crap, this is super dark but I still really want to write it.
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